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his mother's donation to Gembloux after the death in battle in 1015 of his father " Lantbertum comitem, filium Ragineri Longicolli ". . The 13th century Histoire des ducs de Normandie et des rois dAngleterre names " Gautiers Bietausde Braybantet freres germainsGillon Bertaut le chambrelenc de Gremines " 1083. . However, it is suggested by the charter dated 1247 under which " Leonius castellanus Brusellensis et Sophia uxor mea " confirmed property " insuper Cruchtene et Werte " to " domini Wilhelmi de Altena inherited from " domini Theoderici bone memorie de Altena " 707. . The Vita Balderici refers to " comes Lowaniensis Lambertus vir profanæ mentis et moribus barbarus " 57, presumed to refer to Comte Lambert. Jean Duke of Brabant confirmed an agreement between Gérard seigneur de Diest marquis dAnvers and the inhabitants of Diest confirming a franchise charter, by charter dated, sealed by Marie van Loen dame de Diest, Jean de Diest chanoine de Cambrai, Thomas et Arnoul de Diest. C)  daughter (-after ). . The late 13th century genealogy by Balduinus de Avennis records that " Henricus de Lovanio " married " Isabellam, filiam domini Theoderici de Bevre " 431. . Eius filius " promised to repair damage caused to Liège Saint-Lambert by having demanded money from " mansionario de Otoncuer " by charter dated 1047. De Vierson " 541. . Père Anselme records his dates of birth and death, and his place of burial, without citing the corresponding primary sources 469. " donated property to the Teutonic Knights by charter dated 1226, signed by " Egidius et Arnoldus filii nostri, Henricus de Duffle frater noster " 1162. " Ægidius Bertholdus " founded the abbey of St Bernard near Antwerp, with the consent of " Walteri Bertholdi domini et consanguinei nostri by charter dated end-Jan 1235 witnessed by " uxor nostra Heluigis " 1175. .

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M firstly (before ) maria von Staufen, daughter of philipp King of Germany Duke of Swabia his wife Maria née Eirene Angelina of Byzantium (1199/1200-Louvain before 1235). . " Ducem Godefridum seniorem eiusque filiumGodefridum iuniorem " donated property " in parochia BraniensiDudinsart " to Gembloux by charter dated 1131, witnessed by " Godefridus comes Namucensis eiusque filius Henricus, Henricus minor filius ipsius ducis, Wilhelmus advocatus de Namuco eiusque frater Anselmus " 119. . M (Tervueren ) reinald II Duke of Gelre, son of reinaluke of Gelre his second wife Eleanor of England (-, bur s-Gravendael). " Arnoldus dominus de Wesemale " donated land " jacentis in parochia de Wambeca in voco Lumbeca " to Ninove, for the salvation of " mei et uxoris meæ Beatricis by charter dated. . M jutte van Edelbampt Edelenampt vrouw van Thille, daughter. . Liekens only names Jan and Hendrik. He was installed in 1142 as godefroi VII Duke of Lower Lotharingia in succession to his father. . Hayneman dAys dit Schoenvorst and his wife 1190. Arnout I, son of willem II van Lier his wife (-after 1237). .

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Willem his wife had two children: (a) willem III van Lier (-after 1220). He succeeded his father as henri II Comte de Louvain. Willem his wife had two children: i) willem II van Lier (-after 1212). . The Genealogica comitum Buloniensium records that " Henricum seniorem de Bursella filius Ermengardis " was father of " Lambertum comitem et Henricum fratrem eius et Mathildem sororem eorum specifying that Mathilde married " comes Eustachius de Bolonia " 51, but this appears to. Jeanne bâtarde de Brabant. Rasse Doulpixhe married lune des dois filhes Monss. B) franco I (-1134/38). Geeraard his wife had one child: (a) arnout van Dieve (before 1265-). . The name of Reniers wife is not known. . Iv) arnout van Diest (-before ). . Helwide founded an anniversary for her son Franco at Braine-lAlleu by charter dated. " Arnoldus dominus de Diest et castellanus de Antwerpiensis " confirmed the foundation of " Beghinabus Beatæ Catharinæ de Diest ecclesiam " by " patris nostri " by charter dated. . The Chronicle of Guillaume de Nangis records the marriage in 1238 " apud Compendium " of " sanctus Ludovicus rex Franciæ Robertum fratrum suum " and " filiæ ducis Brabantiæ Mathildi " 299. . The Chronicon Diestense names Arnoldum successorem suum et Everhardum prepositum de Daventria as children of Arnoldus and Aleidi 888. . However, the rival counts of Limburg also claimed the duchy of Lower Lotharingia. . The primary source which confirms her parentage has not been identified.

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The Chronicon Diestense names rencontre ephemeres berne Arnoldum, Gerardum, et Elisabeth in juvenili etate a morte preventos, Henricum successorem suum, Arnoldum de Riveriis et Johannam postea nuptam domini Johanni de Montenaken as the children of Thomas de Diest dominus de Zeelhem by his second marriage 906. M hendrik Heer van Bautershem, son. The Aarschot family has been studied in detail by Liekens 473. . Arnout III van Diest, son of arnout II van Diest his wife - (-1230). . E) wouter (-after 1217). Betrothed (1247) to edward of England, son of henry III King of England his wife Eléonore de Provence (Palace of Westminster 17/-Burgh-on-Sands, Cumberland, bur Westminster Abbey). . Heer van Donghelberghe en Waver. She became a nun at Affleghem Abbey, near Aalst in Brabant in 1149/50. . van glymes 384. Dolors Giral, Ludion-Musea Nostra, Ibercaja-Collección de Monumentos y Museos, E-Zaragoza, 1993; Expo Sevilla België, katalogus Belgisch Paviljoen (catalogue Belgian pavilion Mercatorfonds-Inbel, B-Antwerpen, 1992; Vlaanderen en Zuid-Amerika,. B) raso van Schoonvorst. . Gérard seigneur de Diest et châtelain dAnvers et ses frères Jean de Diest chanoine de Cambrai, Thomas de Diest seigneur de Waudenberghe (par sa femme Arnoul de Diest seigneur de Rummen et Arnoul dit de Westphalie divided the territories inherited from their father with the. M (1337) elisabeth van Diest, daughter of thomas Heer van Diest his first wife Isabella van Wadenberge. Willem van Dongelberghe (-after 1160). . He was appointed grootmaarschalk van Brabant. . The Genealogia Ducum Brabantiæ Heredum Franciæ names (in order) " HenricumIohannemGodefridumet Mariam " as the children of " Henricustertius dux " his wife, specifying that Jean and Godefroi were born in Brussels 342. . The Historia Fundationis Ecclesiæ Ninivensis names " Machtildem de Ninive et Ermengardem de Wome " as the two daughters of " Gerardus cognomento Constabularius, filius Amelrici Flandrensis constabularii " and his wife 965. . Jan VII his wife had children:.

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